When you discuss management especially Team Management, the perfect way to excel is to stopping to be perfect. Wherever you are, you can never have a perfect formula which suits everyone. The major factor of such inconsistency is human factor involved.

There are few major aspects of a professional:

  1.  Perception
  2.  Team player ability
  3.  Ability to Collaborate
  4.  Adhering the compliance
  5.  Mental/Emotional Self

The above-mentioned aspects are intangible in nature which can never be measured to increase the efficacy of the team management. These are most frustrating parts where a manager has to rely on the reaction rather than experience. Every individual is different so outcomes are also different.

Now the most important question!

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How to build and manage a great team?

We will be moving briefly through the whole life cycle of Team Management. Let us confine ourselves to a situation to one individual and one manager. If we are able to find something which is scalable, we can multiply and replicate to others.

Diversity is the key


When we open a requisition of team members, we always know the skill which should be required in a person. We try to get people with different technical skills to do a project or job. We should also take a look what human attributes we want in the individuals. According to CareerBuilder, 77% of employers say personality traits, such as a positive attitude or a strong work ethic, are just as important as the specific skills needed to perform a job function. One should never commit a mistake to ask similar kind of the individuals to do the same work. Collaboration is at its best when done by the diversified group. Always try to have a diversity in your teams. Diversity can be in terms of human behavior, regional, race, gender or anything which you think that affects the thought process. Do not get biased to same attributes just because you had success with it in the past.



Does your team know your mission and target? Are they in a constant loop of information which makes them aware of the current situation? The most common mistake we do is neglecting the inputs or the necessity of the team member to involve in the strategic decisions. You cannot achieve the success and targets alone. Your team will help in achieving it. Always have a hurdle with your team daily. Check their stats and do let them know your stats which they should know. By this, they will be having the bigger picture. There will a big change in their behavior. From just a part of the team, they will become your strategic suggestion givers. When a person has a sense of responsibility, it very easier for him to perform. They should know their role in the team and impact of their work.

Collaboration is the major contributor to most of the teams.



Great effort done by someone in your team, go appreciate with the fullest in front of the team. Appreciation is a fruit which every team member wants. It is a way bigger in magnitude than we think of it. It gives a sense of credibility and value to the person. Good efforts going in vain is the worst injustice we do. Money becomes secondary sometimes when compared, I can bet on it

Conflict Management

Having conflicts in the team is a common scenario. The best way to deal is the conversation mode. The conflict between two people, As we all know is caused by a third party whether money, perspective or a person. Make them understand why the conflict happened, who is the third party. It is always helpful rather giving judgment on the conflict, one tries to eliminate the influence of the third party which caused the conflict.

Escalation Management

Underperformers are the source of pain for every manager. They try to drag the team backward. But, we should also understand we as a company hired them. We judged that they will be a good fit for the team. What happened of late. We as manager should understand that every team member goes through a rough patch in his or her career. We should define the gap in a person which cause underperformance.

  1. Skill Gap
  2. Will Gap

The skill gap is a gap which causes by the training deficiency but will gap can have influenced by a lot of factors. Sit with the person. You should thoroughly examine the person’s mind. Did you find a skill or will gap?

Define a timeline for the person to improve. Kindly include the person in your effort. Work with the person rather than leaving him alone. We should be a constant corrective path. Skill gaps are very easy to fill but will gap takes a herculean effort. At the deadline, if you think nothing is changing. Let go the person with his or her honor. It is not every time, you will be able to convert an underperformer in the performer.


Here exit means when an employee decides to leave your team or company. He is not doing any crime, right. If he or she is an old employee, do sit with him or her and find out the actual reason for his or her exit. It may be a beginning of the catastrophic event. The exit of an old employee is an alarm of unfortunate events which may happen. Instead of going after the person, go after the reason. Many a time, sudden changes do cause more damage than benefit. The monotonous work environment can also have the same effect. Always have an eye on the dynamics of the team. Neither introduce sudden changes or keep the environment monotonous.


All the factors are mention source is a great source of making a groundbreaking team. There is no secret sauce to success. Human is way different than machines. Success and failure can happen with the same tactics when dealing with two different people.

 Do not try to rule your team.

Don’t be the judge.

Don’t try to be perfect

Conquer the impediments on the daily basis

Just Improve and grow

What is your view on Team Management? What is your secret sauce? Do let me know.

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