To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year – but for the lifetime.

Nature has its mechanism of balancing the things and so is the corporate world. Every vacant space is filled by the deserving, eventually. It doesn’t matter how many unworthy claims were made and tried to cover the space. The person who stays till the end is the only one who is for sure a Winner in the corporate world. You can emerge out as a winner, either for trying a new thing or doing things in a better way than the previous attempts. Let us stick to the corporate world for the easy absorption of the idea.

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You always try to be a Quitter

Look around yourself, how many losers and quitters do you find? None or maybe one. Stay cool and answer the question at the end of this article. The person who quits something or loses to someone is a quitter or looser, respectively. Answer the following questions:

  1. Have you said no to the opportunity of volunteering a new project, process or activity at the workplace?
  2. Have you lost a chance of a promotion or a new role to somebody else just because you were late to say yes?
  3. Do you avoid to take a leadership role just because of the fear of taking accountability?
  4. Have you stagnated your career?
  5. Do you not work to be credible but just for the sake of income?
  6. Have you stopped being competitive with your colleagues?
  7. Did you say no to something after trying because you lacked the skill to do it?

If you feel yes for all the questions, then you are suffering from a loser or quitter syndrome which last stage of FAILURE. Failure is a kind of death to optimism. You cannot go beyond from the point where you accepted the defeat. The next step will be, changing the track.

Now, you are creating the space for someone else. The person who may be another person like you or he is the guy we are looking for.

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The Winners in the corporate world

If you think all the winner in the corporate world are intelligent, genius or no-mistake-men/women, then this is the biggest lie you are adhering to life. Winners, are just mere human beings like you and me. They also commit mistakes and take foolish decisions. The traits which make them winners are:

Always Seeking Opportunities

You are ahead in the game and you perceive different objectives from the same things. You have a higher vantage point than others. If you want to seek an opportunity, look into the magnitude of gain and not at the loss. You should understand that you can lose everywhere even in the sack race. To win, your focus and purpose should be clear. You have to leave behind the empirical data for someone else. Look beyond that. Everything in the sky is clear as soon as we go above the sheet of the atmosphere. There, the survival is tough but the chances of a clear view are immense. Opportunities do not come with a label upfront, you need to peel off the orthodox layer.

Gets Inspired but do not Imitate

You cannot succeed by copying others in life. You may win by fluke but there is no sure shot guarantee that you will win. You can simulate the work but you cannot simulate the mindset, thought process and environment of the winner. You have to create your space or fill the space which is vacant.


You take accountability, you take the credit. This is the thumb rule of success where chances of failure are more, credibility after success is greater than the usual. Never take a cover when accepting a task. That cover will get more credit than you if you are successful. This doesn’t mean standing in front of the bullet. If you have experience or confidence, you can mitigate the risks. Taking help and giving help is the best way to wash out the hindrances.

Accept mistake, Learn and Improve

This is one of the common mantras of the great leaders. To learn or to improve, the best way to start is to seek what are your shortcomings or mistakes. The person who thinks that he is perfect or he has done learning, he will continue as usual in the nutshell of his acquired knowledge. He cannot attain anything which is a way to proceed. Softwares get updated, machines get updated and so should be human mind and thought process.

No Hurry to finish but Excel

Winners are not in a hurry to do the task but they keep analyzing their progress and keep improving. We generally average out ourselves and complete our goals in mediocrity. If you want to be more than average, you should try to excel than to finish fast.

Divide and Conquer

Your big tasks, big goals, big ambitions are something which should be divided in a step by step process. This helps in understanding what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve. When you divide in steps, it becomes very achievable. You have the timeline and you have the steps. You just need to run your program and get whatever you want.


You fail the first time then you start again or you quit. Winners don’t quit, period. They have a knack of finish whatever they have started, either big or small. Persistence is the key which gives the ability to excel and also improve and learn.


Big changes in your life can never be achieved if you keep losing or stop seeking the opportunities. Winners do not do big things in life but they do small things in a perfect way. Winners bring their original self outside rather than living the life of others.

Be the winner!

What is your secret for the success?
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