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Sooner or later you have realized that shying away from the emerging technology is never going to give the best result. So, you adapted social media to communicate, network and do a lot of things which I think you are already doing. But, I still think that on the professional part we are very slow in adapting the social platform as a productive. I still get so many questions and confrontations from people against the necessity to join any professional social platform. Linkedin is one of them.

Linkedin is the tool which is front runner when talk about social media. Slowly and steadily, more and more people are moving towards Linkedin. Still, I don’t think we are using it efficiently. It is far more productive than what it looks like. The general notion is that Linkedin is basically a job search, lead generation and networking tool. Let us dive into some statistics which give us a better Idea about the gigantice potential of Linkedin:

According to Omnicore, follow are the statistics(updated in Jan 2018):

Total Number of Linkedin Users: 500 million

Total Number of Monthly Active Linkedin Users: 250 million

Total Number of Linkedin Users from US: 133 million

Percentage of users that use Linkedin Daily: 40%

Number of New Linkedin New Members per Second: 2

When you know that daily 200 million people login, then you have a better idea about the efficacy of the platform.

Let us dive into the list, how you can make Linkedin, you secret weapon.

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Talent Management

Recruitment is an indirect revenue department. It contributes in the revenue by getting the best talent from the market. All the HRs, talent acquisition professionals and recruiters are in a very crunch situation these days. They can understand, how difficult is to find the perfect talent which can be an asset for the company. Linkedin can be used as a job portal. The best part of using it as a source of talentpool, it gives you the full control to scan the profile before initiating the communication. I love this idea.



Social Media is the best tool for networking, period. You can never go wrong with it. Linkedin really helps in this department. It helps you suggestions and reminders to stay connected with your connections. It also helps in fulfilling your professional goals. Your network is your strength. Linkedin can give you a reach which can be supported by your direct connections. This is the power of social media. You can stay in touch of the people very efficiently and constantly.


Self Branding

Branding is such a pain when you are an individual service provider like Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Public Speaker, stand up comedian, freelancer etc. Budget for branding may be sometimes a little tight. Through Linkedin, you can also hand make your audience and customers. Being a professional network, content which fails on casual social media like (Facebook, Twitter), can make wonders here, Branding becomes a lot easy task.


Company Branding

Image is everything in this world. Many companies have a failed in the past just because of negative image of the company brand. Company can build the their image positive in front of the people who can be important for them currently or in the future. They can be investors, clients, media, current employees, future employees. As everybody is on Linkedin, you can build the brand of your company which gives a big boost in this competitive market.


Marketing of New Product or Service

Linkedin can also be used to introduce your new product or service to targeted customers or users. Marketing is very effective when you know where you can find the people who can influence the decision makers. In the overall marketing strategy, Linkedin can be a major medium. Nothing can be beat Linkedin in marketing, if the product or service has a professional usage.


Industry Trends

The worst nightmare of a professional these days is lagging behind the market. Industry trends changes exponentially. The professional goals can be a hit if a professional lacks awareness in time. This is very crucial for recent graduates and students. You never know which will your first job. Industry trends helps you to understand and help you in choosing your field of study. Industry trends also helps investors. Technical professional can be a constant learning curve which can help them to stay updated.


Learning New Ideas and People

Linkedin helps you in meeting, networking with like minded as well as diverse individuals which helps you in absorbing a different perspective and thought process. You can learn the new ideology beyond your knowledge area. Your budding startup idea or new management theory can get support for encouraging thoughts and queries which can lead you to whole level. You are able to understand how people react on what. This gives a fair idea how to implement an idea in real life situation.


Contribute to the Community

You got everything. You it your turn to give back to the community. Linkedin Groups are the best way to contribute to your community. You can get a high index of credibility among your peers. Your community will know you very well if you are very regular in contributing. The give and take relationship can answer your complex questions. Community can carry each other very well as they know each others pain.


New Opportunities

Intentionally , I put the obvious choice at the end. Job Search is the only thing which comes to mind when thinking about Linkedin. Job search is a very discrete mission these days. Preference of role, responsibilities can very painful and long process when you have the competition not limited to any geography. In this digital age, everybody is so accessible that your competition can be beat you anytime. It all depends your CONNECTIONS and how quickly you use them. I will talk about the job search in detail in the next part of the series.

To be continued……Stay tuned.

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