US IT Staffing or US IT recruitment, whatever you want to call it, is still one industry which is non-existent for most of the people because of unawareness about it. Only the people who are not in the USA refer to it as US IT recruitment (for obvious reasons). This post is for the people who worked, working or looking for a job in it.

US IT Recruitment= Recruitment in Information Technology for the US region.

This is the core purpose of this field. Recruit IT professionals for the companies present in the US market. I will elaborate on it later.

I write this post keeping in mind that this industry exists mostly in the US and India. There are few other countries who are emerging as an extension of US IT recruitment other than India. We will cover the geographical existence later on. 

I want to bring this on the table so you can understand it with confidence. This will give you a clear picture about your current or potential industry. I want it to be more than easy for a layman. If you are already from the industry, skip a few lines here and there. This post will be lengthy and mostly focus on the aspects of US IT recruitment done from India to give more than the general Idea to the people of India.

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Overview: Purpose, History and Big Brands.

Purpose: Why do we think they do US IT recruitment from India?

There are very large no of vacancies, especially in the US Market which are to be filled. According to Dice, there are over 70,000 IT jobs available to be filled on their website only. There are many websites other than Dice operating in the US. So you may understand, there will be a need for recruiters required to fulfill. As the cost of hiring and employment is more in the US, they shift the recruitment part to India to cut the cost.

Mostly the IT hiring is done from the Indian subcontinent because of the cost. Almost all the Big IT consulting firms have their Recruitment Teams in India and give them the task to hire the IT professionals in the US market. The same is done by the Staffing agencies as well because of the cost.

According to Glassdoor

The average pay of an IT recruiter in:

India: ₹295,721/yr

USA: $44,474/yr

India is a tech savvy country, and it understands technology and IT skills more than many of the countries. This also helps us to understand the positions and jobs for which we have to do the hiring. We can mostly see Recruiter working in India from the background of Engineering and MBA, which equips them to do the work confidently.

As English is a requirement for US hiring, we have many English-speakers, also with no Mother Tongue Influence, which helps in identifying the skills for US IT recruitment.


Staffing was present in the US since in the period of World War II. Companies like Kelly Services had started their work in the 1940s. The actual bombardment of positions started in the 70s and 80s, when the digital revolution was happening in the US. India came into the picture when IT service companies TCS and Infosys started their operations in the US and started gaining momentum by getting multiple projects from their respective clients. 

India came at the forefront in the 2000s when he had all the ingredients required for nurturing the US IT market. 

There is a huge demand for IT in the US which needs to be filled.

Big Brands of US IT recruitment:

Major portion of US hiring is done by the staffing agencies and IT Consulting Companies in the US.

Top 5 Indian IT Consulting Companies are:

  1. TCS
  2. Infosys
  3. Tech Mahindra
  4. Wipro
  5. HCL Technologies

Top 5 US Staffing Companies are:

  1. Adecco
  2. Randstad
  3. Allegis
  4. Hays
  5. Kelly Services

Definition and Difference between US IT Staffing and US IT Recruitment:

When I started this post about US IT recruitment, I quoted 2 words; “US IT Staffing” and “US IT recruitment”. You will not use them in place of each other as soon you understand the difference between them. 

Previously we came to know that you have to hire an IT professional in the US region. The entities who can do hiring are:

  1. Internal HRs and recruiters doing hiring for the internal positions.
  2. ITES and IT Consulting companies doing hiring for their internal and external positions.
  3. Staffing agencies working for companies, giving them recruitment support.
  4. Freelance recruiters.

Broadly, Everything falls under US IT recruitment. 

US IT staffing comes into play when a company takes the accountability of hiring professionals for their respective customers. Successful staffing only takes care of their placed candidates.


An ITES/Consulting company bid for projects for big customers. They need candidates for the completion of the project undertaken by them. In this scenario, they are not doing any staffing as they have broader accountability of completion of the project. They can hire a staffing agency to help them in hiring those IT professionals required to complete the project.

Difference between US IT recruitment and Indian IT recruitment:

As we already discussed the difference of cost in the previous part.

Job Portals:

The other major aspect where they both differ is: Job Portals used for recruitment:

Popular Job Portals in:

Indian IT recruitment: 

  1. Naukri 
  2. Shine 
  3. iimjobs 
  4. Monster India 
  5. Careerbuilder India

US IT recruitment: 

  1. Dice
  2. Careerbuilder
  3. Monster
  4. Techfetch
  5. Ladders

Social Media Recruitment:

This is relatively a new thing in the Indian market. There are very few companies who look into social media recruitment as a serious tool. Even if they do, mostly get confined to Linkedin as their source of talent. Whereas, when we see the US recruitment market, people know that there are avenues other than LinkedIn through which you can find the talent. As of today, you can find talent on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Technology Trends in US Recruitment:

As we all know, most of the use of new technology starts in the US. Professionals have to be updated with the new technology trends and the same happens with the people in the US IT recruitment. The hiring team should have an updated knowledge which is prevalent and emerging in the market. 

With the Indian market, this is a little slow. The client drives the hiring need in the Indian market sitting in the US and because of which the first batch of talent remains from the mainland US. After the technology gets established, the Indian companies adapt in their Software Environment. 

For Example: Cloud computing and RPA took some to get in the trends in use in the Indian market.

Business Models in US IT recruitment:

How industry shapes depends on the business model adapted by the companies present in the market. This same happens in US IT Recruitment.

System Integrator Model: They are the major contributors in outsourcing their hiring needs to companies. They are an immense need of manpower which makes them a butter and company for many Indian origin Staffing firms. The quantity of workflow generated by IT Enabling companies/IT services firms like Infosys, TCS, Capgemini become a major driver of the market. 

Direct Client Model: Apart from the IT companies. All the firms where the positions get originated are the companies who come under this model. Staffing agencies get in touch with these companies and work with them as their vendor partners. These companies can be big firms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple etc. Industries in other domains and very keen to work with staffing agencies to reduce their hire to cost ratio.

MSP/VMS Model: Sometimes, big companies instead of interacting with staffing vendors, they give contracts to firms which do the vendor management for them. This reduces the communication time and ever changing Point of Contact. Some companies which work as an MSP or VMS partner are Agile-1, KellyOCG, Yoh, ZeroChaos, Covendis etc.

Sub Contracting Model: When it is difficult for the companies in the system integrator and direct client model to cater the quantum of positions due to the shortage of resources, they move to companies who are working as a sub vendor to them. They share the revenue with their vendors so that the client is relying on them rather than moving to other vendors. Companies working in the Sub contracting model are in abundance in the Indian region because of cost as discussed previously.

RPO Model: When Recruitment process of the company is outsourced to other vendors, they work as a part of the organisation. They let the candidates feel that they are interacting with the same company and give the same candidate as expected to be given by the client company.

Choosing Career in US IT Recruitment:

Choosing a career in the US recruitment, or US staffing, comes as an option to many people. They need to understand the pros and cons which comes in when you opt this industry as your career. There is a lot which you can get from this industry. Just looking at the revenue growth of this industry, it will be clear how this industry is growing year on year. According to Statista, this industry is growing at 3-5% every year despite an economic slowdown in other industries. This scenario may change as soon as there is a stability in the economy.

You can start either as a recruitment executive or business development executive as per your choice. One is operations, and one is sales. Depending on your skills, you can choose one. Career progression is different for both the streams. You can easily google development of your career basis on your skills, talent and proactive preparedness. There are a lot of opportunities in this field in the US and India, as companies have recruitment teams sitting in India and make them work for the US region.

You can comment below if you want more insight on the career specifically to both recruitment and sales related to the recruitment industry.


I tried to briefly indicate about the US IT recruitment industry. In case I missed any part or you want a detailed explanation of a part, please let me by commenting below. All your suggestions are welcome. 

Let me know if this article helped you. Your appreciation is the guiding factor for me to come up with more information on your suggested topics.

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