This new fiscal year 2020-2021 came with a threat to the life, jobs, growth of people and economy. With the presence of advanced healthcare systems and pharmaceutical industry, the world is still struggling to hold the fort against coronavirus. The strategies and actions against the invisible enemy is not materialising. The worst hit affected countries are the ones which we all considered as one of the best medical facility providers. 

What does this mean for India? India is itself trying its best to do against Covid19. Our Economy is struggling under the lockdown and social distancing. There are many industries which are severely hit and are struggling. This means growth and stability is a question for some companies. Hiring Process gets shaped according to growth and stability of the company. Let us discuss how Corona is changing our hiring process and pattern and how it will permanently change this process and process of some industries.

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Hiring Pattern and Hiring Process during Corona Crisis:

During the Covid19 situation, most companies have either slowed down or almost stopped their hiring. Some are considering cost cutting strategies to avoid layoffs in their organisation. Yes, there are few unlucky or opportunist organisations which are also considering the layoff route. This means availability of the talent pool in the market. 

There are some industries which can see an upward growth in this time of medical crisis. The ecommerce, digital service providers, OTT platforms, medical, pharmaceuticals and logistics are few industries which are having the best time to consider new hirings and growths. Whether you see this as an opportunity of business or opportunity to help, this is the best time to hire the best talent from the market. This will also reduce the time and cost to hire.

Even there are some companies which have enough to sustain and surpass this dull phase with ease and can also consider new hirings. The reason remains the same as above. 

Most of the companies which are hiring, are trying new tools and processes increasing the productivity of their talent acquisition team. 

As the time is tough, many employees are also resisting changing jobs these days. The market has more job seekers now than the pre-corona days.

Interview mode of Phone and Video are new normal at least for the current situation. Candidates are also available all the time as now most of the workforce is working from home and all comfortable to take interview calls almost anytime which was very difficult earlier with the office hours. 

We will see Layoffs during and after the Corona situation, there will be a lot of candidates who will be available immediately to join.

All the hiring and onboarding processes will be virtual and require very effective communication at all levels to give a better candidate experience and make them comfortable about the process.

Hiring Pattern and Hiring Process after Corona Crisis:

Let that day come soon in our lives. When this covid19 will go away to the point of no return, our hiring patterns will be affected permanently. The candidates will be interested in knowing how the company behaved in the time of crisis. How it treated the employees and what they did for their employees. Nobody wants to join an organisation which panicked in the time of crisis. The companies which were sustaining themselves, will start their hiring slowly but will give a push to the quantity of jobs in the market. Candidates will get more options.

Companies and candidates will consider more telephonic and video interviews because they all know that they did it successfully in corona time. Work from home options will be a talking point between candidates and recruiters. Jobs considered earlier as office jobs only will get the work from home option. More companies will start AI based video interview softwares for better selections.

Companies will also have a better strategy for work from home employees. Companies will start considering candidates from the geographical regions which they never considered before. Companies will do a better diversity hiring because of the diminishing geographical boundaries. This may reduce the cost of hire if they consider a candidate from cheaper geographical locations. 

Whether it is Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai or any other place, traffic is a major point when considering job preference in terms of location. Corona has taught us that travelling can be avoided in most situations. Candidates will be willingly taking up the jobs in new locations


Yes, we all are worried what will happen next. But hope is the best remedy to pass through the toughest of the situation. 

What is your view on the current hiring pattern and process of your organisation and how you predict the future? Please let us know in the comment below

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