Did you start your job search in the beginning of your year or lockdown and work from home gave you the time to think over the decision of moving on professionally? Whatever is the case, you want to look for a new employer but also curious and cautious hearing over the news of slow economic growth because of the corona pandemic.

If you have already decided then there is no reason to look back and again think over your decision. Now is the time to make your job search successful.

Let us discuss a few points to remember while doing a job search in a pandemic situation like the current one.

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Work on your resume 

This is the time when you can work on the resume with a new perspective. You can google about the industries and companies which are hiring in the current corona crisis. Learn about them. Do read their job thoroughly. This will give a clear picture of their expectation. If you fulfil those criteria, do highlight them and make a job specific resume to look suitable for the job. (This job search strategy is evergreen, what is your view? Please comment below to let us know)

Learn and add new skills

Lockdowns and work from home can give some extra time to hone your existing skills and learn new ones. This can give you a preferential advantage for the jobs. Look for the skills and certification which can be done from home. There are many industries-specific skills and certification which can help you in getting extra pay or preference. As soon as you learn them, update your resume at the earliest to give a boost to your job search.

Use multiple sources to find jobs to apply

I bet you relied on the same job portal to search for a new job. Try looking for new and emerging job portals. Most of the start-ups, small and medium business sometimes use emerging job portals for cost effectiveness. New players in the market sometimes bring something different which may help employers and candidates in their job search. Having your resume on some newer job portals will never harm. This will increase your reach to newer recruiters. Linkedin is also becoming a powerful tool for both companies and job seekers.

Build and Use your social and professional network

Job Search is very similar to the sales process and you are the salesperson. You are selling your talent. The best source of lead generation in sales in personal contacts. Those leads are genuine, reliable and have a better chance of closing the sales. Similar to that, your social and professional network can help you in reaching to the recruiters, talent acquisition and HR teams. When talking directly to the hiring team, you can rightly understand the expectation and this will make it easy for you to sell your talent as a job seeker. Your job search can start with the companies where you have or your contacts have the contact. You can connect the dots through Linkedin. To get the help, learn more about LinkedIn and its ability.

Don’t have an end date to your job search

Corona Crisis is no way going away so early (Let’s all hope that I am wrong!). The situation may be good, normal or worse in your company depending upon the industry to which it belongs. Job Search is a process which can take some time. Never add an end date to your search. This will only give disappointment. Instead, keep trying newer strategies to be in the game, one day you will definitely succeed.

Help the community

As you are in job search, there would be others in your friend and family circle or in your social media circle. If you come across a job which you do not want to apply or you cannot apply, forward to your circle. Good Karma always works for you. Helping others in these tough times will give you satisfaction and may bring your dream job to you through similar referring.

Be realistic in expectation

As you should not put an end date to your job search, you should not wait for your dream job for endless time. Be realistic, this is not the time to be choosy as there may be a scarcity of jobs in your industry. Grab the offer if you find it adequate enough.

Stay Optimistic and motivated

You can fight any difficult time with hope. Hope makes you pass through this crisis with ease. Optimism and Motivation are the best tools to keep the hope within yourself and your skills. Stay Alert. You will succeed.

Good Luck in your job search

With a healthy mind and body, keep doing the best. Job search is tiring sometimes. Lift yourself and every day do the best you can. Corona Crisis will end so will your job search.

Good Luck!

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