Most people miss Opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work

Are you looking for some useful ideas for extra income alternatives in the corona crisis? There are a lot of reasons which bring you to this juncture of looking for a source of alternate income. The coronavirus pandemic not only brought a tough situation for the health but bad phase for the economy. Many companies are suffering from the shortage of cash flow to grow or sustain the business.

This situation brought many of us to a tough situation. Some are already jobless and a few are already being informed by their companies that they will not get the increments or salary hikes this year. Understanding the situation of the market and companies, either we should accept the fact or start making ways for alternatives of side income which can bring some peace to our minds. 

Be it a pandemic situation or not, some side income alternatives will give a boost to your income. Here we will not be discussing some long-term plans which can take a lot of time and energy to see the income coming. Here we will look for more short-term strategies for alternative side income which can start the flow of money to your bank accounts. So let us dive in the list.

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You already have an expertise in the industry or domain you already work. This gives you the advantage in getting some extra work apart from your regular job. You can easily get the work done efficiently and the skills are already with you. You need to explore your existing contacts or start getting the work. Subcontracting is a good model in which you can get freelance work. Offline freelancing is a very easy alternative to a second income.

There are a lot of websites which help you in getting some work to generate an extra second income. There you can register as a freelancer. You can update your skills and start applying or bidding for the work or projects. Some names of the website are,,,, and many more. A good strategy for these websites are pricing and time to do the work. I have seen a lot of serious professionals get success and some permanent clients from these websites.


Working as a consultant can also be a good alternative extra income idea. You can be a consultant in any field in which you have knowledge. Your knowledge should be at the level where clients take your seriously to spend money on your advice. The opportunity to get the work as a consultant is immense. You can be whatever is your knowledge. You can be a counsellor, real estate agent, antique expert, or whatever your knowledge is. I hope you got my point. You can google things in your area of knowledge and figure out. Also, you can contact us.

Selling Products

As you know there may be a lockdown in your area but selling of essential goods is going on and can be a very good source of second income. If you can find some people to help you with the inventory, you can start selling products from your home. This will help the community.

When Lockdown is lifted, you can sell products of a wide variety. You just need to contact the wholesale dealers. Here you need not open a shop where all the products are available but look for products which are not available in your locality. Look for them and you will find many of them.

Selling Art

You have always heard that you can earn from your passion and hobbies. This is one of the best sources of side income. You can continue with your passion or hobby and also generate money for yourself. These days when people are in social distancing and lockdowns, they are trying a lot of things. You can also make those things, your products to sell. If you are good at it, you can start marketing your products online and offline to make them aware of the people. Cooking, painting, baking, sculpting, hand craft art, music, singing etc are a lot of areas we can explore yourselves. Either you can sell your products offline or online. There is a high demand for art online. 

Selling Digital Products

Not only art but you can make digitals products get some alternative of secondary money. You can sell those online on many platforms. You can prepare research reports, ebooks, study material, online courses and tutorials, songs, videos, photography to online platforms where companies and people buy these products.


Online and offline training is always required by the industry. Companies prefer trainers to train their employees. Colleges also prefer the same. You can easily start your set up with some little online help. There is a lot of demand for online training because of this pandemic situation. This gives a lot of opportunities for the professionals to bring their training online and generate extra money. Some online training websites are,, etc.


Tuition is the best source of second income since ages in India. People are often advised to give tuition to locality children and teenagers. Nowadays a lot of online websites are available where you can apply and start working as a tutor. Online Tuition can save your time of travelling and help you to schedule your classes. You can easily make over INR 20,000 and above. You can logon to Vendantu, Vipkids, Chegg to know more about the process. You can search for more similar sites and you can generate some extra money.


As we discussed some useful ideas for extra income alternatives in the corona crisis, there will be a lot of areas which we have not covered. Please comment and let us know. We will update those points in our article and also give you the credit. Here we have not discussed options like stock trading, policy selling as these will require some time taking process of learning a new skill. We wish you to stay positive. Opportunities are everywhere and every situation we need to keep seeking them.

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