When you came to this post, I am sure you might think about your firsthand experience with Office politics. Office Politics is the worst part of the culture which should never exist in the negative form and many people always try to avoid office politics.

Office Politics serves the purpose of satisfying the interests and goals of an individual, group or the organisation. There are a lot of instances which can prove that Office politics can be used for the betterment of the organisation but used in the most negative form. The origins of Office Politics can be happen because of:

  • Fear of losing power
  • Fear of losing authority
  • Fear of losing designation
  • Fear of losing followers

People practising Office Politics are usually occupied too much with their own interest and goals and keep them above the interest of organisation. This fills in many insecurities which make them do things which are unethical and misuse of their position and influence.

In some part of your career, you might have encountered office politics which you might have avoided if you know how to do it. Let us see how to avoid office politics.

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Talent is important

If you are talented, your skills and talent helps you a lot to stay stable and growing. Talent is one of the most important attributes which help you avoid office politics. Skills not only help you accomplish the assigned task swiftly but also build confidence of the organisation in you. Keep working on enhancing your skills. There are a lot of courses, certifications and training available which you may need to stay ahead of the competition or help you move ahead in the positions and designations. 

People Skills

Being Talented is important but only talent cannot help you avoid office politics. People skills help the people recognise you in the organisation. Being popular is the best thing but if most of the people know you positively, that is also adequate. The more acquaintances you have, the more is the acceptance of your personality. People usually think twice to make you a victim and thus your people skills will help you avoid office politics.


Credit of Work

You did a wonderful job but if you are not getting the credit, this is a red flag. You should always know the channel to inform your seniors after accomplishing a task so you get the due credit. You should make sure that your team members or anyone is not taking the false credit of the work done by you. To avoid office politics, project yourself as a person good at performing tasks timely.

Know your Enemies- Friend Management

Friendship at the workplace should be tested with the time of lows and difficulties. Most of the “friends” we have at the workplace are the people we know just too little. Sharing your professional challenges and personal problems with them can make you vulnerable to threats of office politics. The best secrets are the secrets of your weakness. If you can guard them even with your office “friends”, this can help you avoid office politics. You don’t know, with what motives and interests people talk to you, befriend you. This doesn’t mean, you don’t make friends but workplace friendship should be tried and tested thoroughly.

Contribute and Collaborate

You should have a habit of contributing and collaborating. Organisations are always looking for volunteers for additional challenges. Contributions and collaborations are the signs for the organisations that you will help in many situations and tasks. You rarely say no to anything, your managers will always move towards you for help in extra things. This will not only help you avoid office politics but also give you a chance to learn extra things.

Understand your Organisational Hierarchy

You should know the hierarchy of your organisation. You should know who has the power in your organisation. You should know the decision makers or the people who may influence the decisions which may directly or indirectly affect you. You should have a friendly relationship with all the people so they know you personally. Friendly relationships always help you avoid office politics.


Be Dependable

Yes, take the credit of the work completed by you. If you help your manager in day-to-day activities, you are making them dependable. They will always need you and never try to ruin the relationship with politics. You should also know that some managers are toxic and do not want their subordinates to grow. In this situation, understanding your organisational hierarchy is important to know so that your boss’s boss is aware of the situation.

Control Your Behaviour

Behaviour is an asset when fighting to avoid office politics. When you know people who are self-interested “politicians”, avoid to react. Always understand and analyse the pros and cons of the actions. Your thoughtful actions can help you avoid office politics. Your behaviour can help you guide your path when tackling tough people and situations.

Gossip vs Informed

Gossip can take up a lot of time and gossiping also helps you to stay informed of the invisible talks of the organisation. Talk less and listen more in the breaks so you are informed. Nobody in the world can prepare for things which they don’t know. All the successful professionals are well prepared for the future. They stay informed about the threats developing in the organisation. 

Written not verbal

There are a lot of exceptions you have to make when performing daily activities. Some exceptions are part of the guidelines provided by your managers. Still there are some exceptions to have to be done by taking permissions of your managers. Always focus on taking permissions in written. Written permissions are helpful in the long run as they can be referred again. Verbal advices and permissions can be used against you when needed by anyone. 

Be neutral

Never take sides if you see a rift between two individuals and groups. Also, save yourself to get caught in the fire between two parties. The good office politics is to be neutral and never do things under influence of parties in the conflict. Help all and favour none so you are safe and can easily avoid office politics.

Favour only Organisation

If there is a last resort to favour anyone, always favour the organisation. If there are “toxic politicians” around you, try not to favour them but look for the people who also favours the organisation. There are always people in an organisation who want betterment only of the organisation. Always be in that group. That group is full of the people who are better than anyone in the organisation. Always identify such people by their interest and goals.

These are not individual self helps. They all are depended upon each other to help you avoid office politics. 

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