We all want a great culture at our offices. We always pamper and appreciate this thought. We can have the best Vision, Values, Practices, People, Narrative in our company but these most important components of the company culture can be crippled by ineffective communication i n our workplaces. 

The regular miscommunication happening in a company can seriously cause a huge loss to the company culture which is more vital than a financial loss. Just think of the dangerous consequences of miscommunication which may amplify losses for the organization in their business and day to day operations. 

This will help you to understand the importance and benefits of effective communication at the workplace and how it brings up the best circumstances, scenarios and situation of your company to progress. 

So Friends, Let’s take it Forward.

Significance, Importance and benefits of effective communication at workplace

What is effective communication for an ordinary person? Let us consider an example of a sender and receiver to understand the definition and characteristics of an effective communication. When a sender is sending a message to the receiver and the receiver receives it, it is called the broadcast. But after the receiver responds to the sender on the received message, it is called communication but not effective communication.

So what makes communication effective? When the sender sends a clear, correct, complete, precise and reliable response, 50% of the communication becomes effective. The full 100% effective communication is achieved when the receiver follows the same pattern for their response.

Now you can think of all the situations when your communication was not that much effective and was not well received. Whether you are an employee, business owner or HR, effective communication is very much important for each and everyone in the organization and in all the departments. Let us find out the significance and benefits of an Effective Communication. 

Employee Engagement and Management: So let’s get back and find out the significance of effective communication at the workplace. The first and the most important one is the employee engagement and management. Managing the employees becomes a lot easier with the help of a strong and effective communication. Effective communication ensures self-discipline and efficient management since the employees are heard by the top management, and there is open communication in the organisation. This also results in higher employee job satisfaction. With effective communication, you can have your employees stay longer with you. If work satisfaction is greater in your employees, It will help them to deliver their best. 

Team Building: People in the organisation work as a team to accomplish common goals, thus effective communication boosts the morale of the whole team. A work environment enriched with effective or open communication helps in building a cohesive and effective team. It brings in the zeal in employees to work towards achieving the common objectives of the organization. Regular internal communication can also lead to an improved work ethic if the staff are reminded of achievements and feel that they are working towards a common goal. This builds rapport and trust as the team will work well through good communication.

Build Strong Relationships: Interactions often simplify things; they positively motivate the employees to perform better and maintain long-term relations with others in the organisation. Effective communication is considered to be a base for building trust and assures the sharing of complete information. Effective communication should be the focus in businesses as it becomes largely difficult to properly construct and foster productive relationships without it. It promotes the desire to work towards a common goal for a smooth work environment.

Facilitates Creativity and Innovation: It creates an environment where employees are free to share their ideas by exploring their creative and innovative side. Effective communication facilitates innovations in a business organization by allowing the employees and management to come up with innovative ideas that might further help in the overall development of the organization. It helps in building a safe place for people to think creatively. People will feel better about themselves socially to know that their message is delivered as expected.

Reduces Misunderstanding: Effective communication eliminates the possibility of confusion and misunderstanding by conveying the message clearly and appropriately. Employees will know exactly what is expected from each of them and what steps need to be taken. It is an easy way to address issues behind any conflict and turn it into something creative. It clarifies how each employee is contributing in achieving the company’s goals, without overlooking the important information.

Free Voice in Open forums and Brainstorming: The employees provide unbiased opinions as they share their thoughts, feelings and ideas conveniently. This benefits in improving existing businesses, processes and departments. This also gives an opportunity to the organizations to ideate and brainstorm new business expansions and new initiatives in the organizations. Employees encouraged by effective communication can give free and vital advice which may add to efficient decision making in the organization.   

Growth of the Organization: Effective communication develops a good working relationship with employees through fair communication so they trust management and their decision. It ensures better decision making, intensifies public relations and enhances problem-solving ability. All this leads to corporate growth and development. It Fosters a more productive and talented workforce. By maintaining cordial relations between the employees and the management, it enhances the functioning and leads to the achievement of corporate goals and objectives.This further makes the employees happy and happy employees lead to successful business.

Now you know that effective communication is a way to start achieving greater milestones quickly in any organization. Whether you are a solopreneur, small, medium or large business, effective communication can keep unnecessary barriers away from you and your organization as far as possible.