Job search is a real pain when you move in your career and get associated with a new name which can bring wonders to your resume. As soon as you start, the psychological barriers will push you back from your goal.

There is no magical formula to get land up in your dream job but how you approach it really matters. Being a unique individual, having certain priorities and preferences which will influence your overall decision.

In this article, I want you to understand the whole process. The avid readers, this will lengthy but also easy readable for the eager ones.

The Beginning of the Search

Have you ever thought about why you recently associated with the tag “Looking for a change”? Salary, bad boss, work culture, lack of recognition, Long Office Drives, work life balance, Bias-ness at the workplace, etc. There may be a lot more other reason which may be pull the trigger.

Quote: Write a thorough list of reasons which you think are pushing you towards job portals.

When you write the reason, make yourself familiar with the reason. Analysis gives a better idea about the real reasons and assumed ones. This will help you in presenting yourself in the initial calls and interviews. Understanding a few reasons may have a negative impact in your interviews. For example, if you are leaving your job because you cannot work with your current team. Whatever is the case behind it but it would leave a question mark on your ability to work in a pressure situation and collaborative skills.

Update your list again and again till you get the final list. Now you are thinking in the right direction.

Make another list of the industries and companies you want to join depending on your preference.

This will help you make your resume and select the keywords for your resume. Now till this moment, you should be sure about your direction and your target.


Job search is not just confined to performance of your resume and interview result but also the industry you want to go in. Let us start with the resume part.

You might have heard a lot about how to improve your resume. We will not go much deep inside it. But for the sake of convenience, let us figure how to make your resume look good assuming you have already decided your job preferences.

  • A resume should be error free with no grammatical errors. For that you can use, Google Docs, Grammarly, ProWritingAid or other similar softwares. 
  • Your resume should contain your achievements and individual contributions rather than teamwork.
  • It should also contain numerical data which should show your prowess. Example, Percentage of Sales increases, Number of Clients made, etc.
  • Always mention Contact Details along with Social Media Links for LinkedIn, GitHub (Whatever is applicable).
  • Still in this age of technology, recruiters prefer resumes in word format.
  • If you are eyeing for different roles in your career move, have different resumes for different roles but no lying on the resume.
  • When sending resumes to the recruiters, they should contain the answer for the mentioned role “Why do you think you are fit for the role”?

Screening Calls/Interviews

I have seen people getting rejected in the initial screening because most of us take them lightly. Take every call as a final call whether it is telephonic, WebEx, Skype or F2F interview. We have to understand the psychology of the interviewer who wants to see a potential employee in you when hiring for their company.

Many organizations look for people who already have skills to match the job and the culture of their company. Being culturally fit can be also a criterion for the hiring.

To ace in the interviews, study the company and their job description. This will fairly show how to go in the interview session.

Salary Negotiations

This is the most interesting piece of the puzzle. I am sure some of you have directly jumped to this part. Always do your research on it. Every job doesn’t pay you the same. It depends on the company, their policy and their competition.

Never disclose your minimum figure, Always quote a range.

You never have to give your actuals when negotiating. Giving a range will help to keep the talk open ended and you will have a room to negotiate. It is wise if you keep this discussion at the end when you know that they are interested in you at least 70-80%.

Salary is not the only part. Always ask what are the other benefits that they give. This will help you settle down to a mutually agreed number.

Never Quote unrealistic expectation and don’t change after the final negotiation.

Final Negotiations, Acceptance and Closure

You might have an idea about the company, their role and the salary. Take help of 2-3 other brains to conclude. Always remember, hiring is a very exhaustive process, Say YES to a role only when you can join. Else, you can take some time to decide. Always give an answer after concluding a decision.


I hope you got some idea how to enter your journey to reach your next employers. Please let me know if I missed something here. You can suggest a topic which you want me to elaborate on.

I love critics!

Suggestions Please!